Education is a driving force for professional growth and development in today’s global society. Mindway understands the needs of students and professionals and has created several continuing education programs and courses responding to those needs. At Mindway, we focus on integrating key staples in our academic programs in order to provide 360-degree professional training: top universities, key industry leaders and the most relevant brands in the industries. Our students acquire an objective and practical vision that allows them to build a successful professional career.

Advanced University Diplomas

Through Mindway´s 240-hour Advanced University Diploma Programs, students will gain an overview of the fashion, interior design and gastronomy  industries. Students have the opportunity to attend different events  and specialized workshops throughout the duration of the courses with industry leaders. In addition, students have access to a database of internships, allowing them to gain valuable work experience in each respective sector.

The programs have a theoretical and practical approach to help students to face the demands of the labor market. Courses are offered in an online or hybrid format. The online format consists of an innovative Online Campus, where students can access the videos of the lectures from the in-person classes and interact on the course forum with other students and the course tutor.

The hybrid format is designed for students to take advantage of classes that meet one weekend per month at the Complutense University of Madrid, as well participate on the online campus. Students enrolled in the hybrid format have the opportunity to network with course lecturers and key professionals in the industries.

  • Marketing and Communication of Fashion & Luxury Brands.

    Marketing and Communication of Fashion & Luxury Brands.

    Develop marketing and communication strategies applied to this sector.

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  • PR, Visual Merchandising and Styling.

    PR, Visual Merchandising and Styling.

    Specialize in retail and point-of-sale management.

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  • Fashion Digital Marketing.

    Fashion Digital Marketing.

    Develop digital marketing strategies related to the world of fashion.

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  • Interior Design.

    Interior Design.

    Design spaces, study lighting, decoration, color and landscaping among other areas.

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  • Marketing Management, Communication and Event Management.

    Marketing Management, Communication and Event Management.

    Acquire an overview of marketing, communication and event management.

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  • Gastronomic Marketing and Management.

    Gastronomic Marketing and Management.

    Learn the keys to success in the restaurant industry.

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Certificate Programs

In order to adapt to the busy schedules of students and professionals, Mindway has organized a series of Certificate Programs, which allow students to specialize in areas such as event management, fashion branding and design, wedding planning, among others.

These programs are designed to expose students to various facets of the disciplines in a shorter period of time. Throughout the duration of the courses, students will have the opportunity to collaborate with the most influential industry leaders, gain practical training, and obtain the necessary knowledge to further develop themselves in the subject areas.

  • Image Consulting and Personal Shopper.

    Image Consulting and Personal Shopper.

    Learn tools and techniques to analyze Image and Personal Shopper.

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  • Fashion Event Management.

    Fashion Event Management.

    Plan and manage a Fashion Event from start to finish.

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  • Interior Decorating.

    Interior Decorating.

    Check out the latest trends with the best interior designers.

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  • Fashion Summer.

    Fashion Summer.

    Learn and apply the techniques to create a successful fashion brand.

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  • Weekend Campus Blogger.

    Weekend Campus Blogger.

    Build your fashion blog and transform your passion into a career.

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  • Gourmet Workshop.

    Gourmet Workshop.

    Specialize in this booming sector.

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