About us.


Our mission is to create an ecosystem that connects students, professionals, universities, and brands of the fashion, interior design, and gastronomy industries. We aim to foster a community that works collaboratively, exchanges knowledge, and gains the resources and tools to excel and become leaders in their fields. Through the creation of this collaborative academic and professional space, we hope to establish a community where the members of these industries can create an impact on society through networking and the exchange of knowledge.


Our vision is to be a point of reference for those who want to specialize in these sectors, and to be recognized for our leadership in customer service and professionalism as consultants. We believe in the value of education and lifelong learning as a means of making an impact on society and transforming these industries.


Here at Mindway, we value passion, dedication, and hard work. This philosophy drives us to connect students, professionals, brands and universities through a community that fosters mutual learning and creates a platform to enhance leadership in the industries of fashion, interior design and gastronomy.